The Most Common Mistakes Picked Up By the ATO During Tax Audits

July 22, 2020    Tax Return Perth

Let us all agree that taxation is complicated and sometimes gets very stressful if you have a newly established business. There are various obligations you need to go through for filing your company tax return online, but for many of us, it cannot get right all the time. Well, as they are an important part of your business, they all need to be duly checked and fulfilled carefully.

When it comes to tax audits, giving accurate information about your business revenue to ATO( Australian Taxation Office) is our moral duty as it indicates that we are conducting the legitimate practice in our organization and maintaining transparency with the Government. The ATO department closely examines all your tax reports and takes assistance from banks, employees, and other sources for bringing true information.

Our rich expertise in the area of accounting has allowed us to understand the most basic problems that are done by taxpayers while filing their Company Tax Return Online and other practices in the same. We have brought down all the mistakes which are picked by the ATO ( Australian Taxation Office) during their auditing inspections.

1. Fragmented and Missing Assessment Solicitations

You should have an assessment receipt for all kinds of purchasing costing more than $82.50 including GST where a GST credit is being guaranteed. For a valid receipt, the report must contain the accompanying snippets of data. It must incorporate the words ‘Assessment Invoice’ printed at the head of the page, it must have the dealer’s character or business name, their ABN, the date the receipt was made, a depiction of the item(s) being sold including amount and cost and the GST sum (assuming any) that is payable. It is better to take expert opinion of a skilled Companies Tax Return accountant which will have a look at all the missed information and present the true and updated report according to the best of their knowledge.

2. Wages and Operational Expense not Being Recorded and Paid in Real Money

The law believes that businesses should issue a compensation slip within the first payday with the true tax deduction included and showcase to the ATO as there are heavy punishments for not doing as such. Just to avoid themselves from taxation, many owners pay their employees in terms of cash, so that they cannot be recorded in books. We, Tax Return Perth, do not entertain any false or illegal practice and always keep our work according to the rules and regulations according to the ATO.

3. Asserting Travel Costs that are Close to Home.

Many employees include their personal travel expenses into their company’s account which is simply a false practice. Travel costs you can truly guarantee for incorporate dinners, convenience, and odds and ends while away on organisation business (for example an interstate gathering), your fuel costs when utilizing an acquired vehicle for work purposes and your airfares, taxi passages and vehicle recruit expenses when going for work purposes.

4. Director’s Salary Paid Without Making Deductions in PAYG.

The director’s salary is included in compensation and wages for the reasons for PAYG retaining. PAYG must be retained from the gross executive’s expenses, gave an account of the IAS or BAS used to report the compensation and wages, and dispatched to the ATO inside the suitable time. The fees of the director come under Ordinary Times Earnings, superannuation commitments should likewise be paid at the important rate. While there might be a distinction between when the owner’s salary is paid (for example quarterly instead of month to month), the related PAYG and the installment should at present be made by the standard cutoff times which apply for every single other worker.

5. Claim for expenses paid with and Without Receipts

Claiming for the payment for which you don’t have any legal proof like receipt is a typical blunder done by the taxpayers. A receipt is required by the ATO for costs esteemed at more than $300. It can be shown from the provider of the merchandise or administrations that clearly indicates the name, expense, the information of the product or services, the date the cost was caused, and the date. A piece of written evidence can also be financial records such as bank and credit or debit card expenses or email receipts respectively.

Although there are various other mistakes which are observed by the ATO department at the time of assessment of records. Our expertise and rich experience have allowed us to understand the issues of our clients and give a personalized solution. Tax Return Perth is a one-stop solution for all your taxation related queries. By outsourcing your Tax return operations to us, we minimize your workload and guide you towards the successful planning of your business expenses and save you a lot of money in your operations.

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