Tax Tips For Your Tax Return as A Sole Trader in Australia

September 23, 2021    taxreturnperth

Getting your taxes organised becomes essential as a sole trader who functions as a person wearing multiple hats. Through the help of proper tax planning, an individual can reduce the tax liability and save money in the long run. The end of the financial year can be a nail-biting task for any business owner if you are associated with a tax return task that is complicated and time taking. This blog will provide you with a specific set of information that can be effective in saving money on your tax return.

Separate Your Business and Personal Expenses

It becomes essential for a sole trader to not merge the business expenses with personal as it could hamper missing the tax deductions. It becomes essential to pay the business expenses using a dedicated business account for a sole trader. At the time of Tax Return in Perth, it helps the business owner in knowing the true business expenditure excluding the personal ones.

If you need to pay for something associated with your business through a personal bank account, reimburse it to have a crystal clear record of your expense.

Claim Every Possible Deduction 

As a sole business trader, you are surely entitled to guarantee business tax allowances for most costs you cause maintaining your business if they are straightforwardly associated with your income. You can save a lot on your business deductions every year if you and your company move towards the business brackets.

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Some of These Derivations include

  • Business travel costs like transport, train, and taxi passages
  • Vehicle costs including fuel and oil, adjusting and support, advance interest or rent instalments, protection, and enrollment.
  • Upkeep expenses of machinery, instruments, or premises
  • Home office costs, including occupancy (contract revenue, protection, board rates) and working costs (power, telephone, cleaning)
  • Different costs including writing material, banking and bookkeeping, work outfits, significant courses, and memberships
  • Individual super commitments for you and any workers, just as medical coverage expenses
  • Devaluation of things like furnishings.
  • Bad debts or invoices failed to recover. 
  • Prepaid costs on things or administrations conveyed in the accompanying assessment year.

Note that if you use something, like your home or vehicle, for both business and private use, you can guarantee the business-related part of the cost.

Keep Records of Every Expense

It is always a smart decision to simplify everything before the crucial tax time. For which, ensure you’re keeping monetary records consistently without failing. Important Things you ought to monitor incorporate deals records, buy and cost records, bank records, and instalments to representatives or project workers.

Note: As a sole trader, you’ll likewise have to show subtleties of your indebted individuals (records of sales), loan bosses (creditor liabilities), and current stock.

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Understand all the Rules and Regulations Associated with Expense Claims

It becomes significant as a business owner that you claim the portion specifically utilized on your business. If you use broadband used for both business and personal work, claim only the specific portion used for your business. Taking the services of a skilled accountant is a good step to advance yourself towards all the possible claims. The accountants have years of experience that allows them to identify various ways of deductions that you many skip due to less knowledge or being equipped with numerous tasks.

Keeping Softcopy Of Specific Work-Related Receipts

 Having appropriate records of receipts becomes essential for business owners as it can be shown as proof of expenses. As paper receipts get fade or damage after a particular period, it becomes essential to have a digital copy of all the records. The digital copy remains unaffected and cannot be replaced, therefore it can be served as proof whenever your business calls for it.

Take The Expertise of Established Accountant

Taking the services of an expert accountant can be a great decision if you want to claim all the possible deductions on the tax return. Many sole traders believe in following the DIY approach to save money, but it gets complicated and frustrated in the long end. A skilled and experienced Sole trader tax accountant can save your money and efforts that you can leverage in other sectors of your business.


Conducting the business operations as a sole trader is indeed an achievement. Starting a business on your own is like giving birth and nurturing a baby that is not a cakewalk. If you want to excel as a sole business person in Australia, taking the help of Tax advisor Perth can help you with their services and let you manage everything with perfection.

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