Income And BAS Tax Return: What Difference Between The Lodgement?

June 3, 2021    taxreturnperth

Business owners, especially the ones who are sole traders must have a good understanding of the difference between Income Tax and Business Activity Statement or BAS. Both of them are required to be completed regularly and have their separate obligations. It might a bit tough for many people to understand the difference between BAS and Income Tax when it comes to income reporting obligations. 

Although both of them will confound individuals and ask them to report on expenses and income, both have plenty of differences between them. One can get in touch with your professional BAS agent to gain some insights about Income Tax and BAS, which will help them make the right decision. 

BAS vs Income Tax: Understanding The Difference!

To know how exactly Income Tax and BAS are different from each other, can check the information provided below. 

  • Income Tax Return: The Income Tax Return helps in reporting all annual expenses and income of an individual. In this particular area, the ATO or the Australian Taxation Office will calculate the tax, which they owe to them. One needs to declare all their taxable income within a given date. Also, when he/she is lodging their tax return, there is no need for them to calculate the tax, which they are liable to pay. It’s because the ATO will get it done and determine whether the individual will obtain a refund or owe tax. 
  • BAS or Business Activity Statement: Business Activity Statement or BAS is a type of form an individual needs to fill out between 1 and 12 time each year, which depends entirely on the size of their business. The ATO will utilize the data on their business activity statement to work on the GST bill or refund. If you fall within the pay-as-you-go system, it will be used on the business income tax, fuel tax credits, fringe benefits tax, luxury car tax, employee income tax, and wine equalization tax. 

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How To Lodge an Income Tax Return?

When an individual has decided to lodge his/her income tax, they need to provide information on how much money they earned and expenses, which they can claim as a deduction. With this information, one can check how much tax they have to pay or paid. If he/she has paid more than they should have, the extra money will get refunded to them. But, if they did not pay up the required tax, he/she will receive a tax bill. There are three ways through which one can lodge their income tax. Look below.

  • Individuals can lodge their income tax return through the online platform, which stands out as a safe and secure way to prepare and lodge income tax. 
  • If one does not have the time or don’t know how to lodge their income tax, getting in touch with a certified agent will be the right thing to do. They will take the responsibility to lodge the income tax.
  • One can also opt for the paper tax return through which they can easily lodge their income tax with no hassle.

How to Lodge BAS Tax Return

When individuals have made their decision to lodge a BAS, they need to provide records on how much was paid during the purchases and the amount of GST they have collected through sales. He/she doesn’t have to submit a tax invoice for their business activity statement, but they need to carry them. It’s because the Australian Taxation Office might request to see them. 

The BAS or business activity statement will also be utilized for other tax-related work. For such reasons, one needs to deliver additional information on their income, employees and business. Lodging the BAS is pretty simple and easy, as individuals have to do so through the online platform. 

One can lodge your BAS through accounting software and ATO’s online portal. Individuals can also take the help of a certified BAS Tax Return Agent, and if he/she is a sole trader, you can use the myGov account to lodge their BAS with no issues.

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Why Opt for a Tax Agent to Lodge Income Tax or BAS?

Whether an individual wants to lodge their income tax or BAS, taking the help of a professional tax consultant Perth will be the best idea. Tax consultants are the right people to turn to as they will help them make financial decisions towards all the tax-related problems. Apart from that, they will take the responsibility to prepare the tax returns, ensure you meet all the tax obligations and help with the estate planning. The tax consultants will also provide them with their assistance when it comes to doing legal research on tax problems.

Final Words

BAS and Income Tax are important for business owners and sole traders. Individuals have to provide their expenses and income for both of them. But the only difference Income Tax and BAS have is within their GST. Before individuals take the step of lodging their BAS or income tax, it’s suggested that they speak with professional tax consultants. They will provide them with the information they need on such areas.

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